rfilm, also known as RTV Film Production and Distribution Inc., was initially the film and television program distribution branch of the Turkish industry giant, Raks Holding Entertainment Group, which was founded in 1964.

In 1989, RTV began acquiring the “home video” rights of films and programs from international markets, thus, allowing a whole new sector to develop in Turkey. Warner Bros. was one of RTV’s most important partners.

With the proliferation of private television stations in Turkey, RTV started the distribution of film and television programs in 1992. Additionally, RTV introduced Discovery and Nickelodeon channels to Turkey in 1997.

When the shares of Raks Holding were bought by one of its shareholders in 1998, rfilm was founded. By acquiring RTV’s library, rfilm became the licensor of television films, as well as theatrical films.

rfilm currently holds many important and successful theatrical titles in its library.

rfilm also produces and distributes DVDs of its titles.

In addition to the distribution of films and programs, rfilm is also involved in the production of television series, theatrical films and formats.

rfilm is a member of SESAM (Turkish Film Producers Professional Association) and WAEA (World Airline Entertainment Association).

rfilm has an archive of about 4000 hours of movie films and TV programs.